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hey guys

quick update, the hurricane Sandy left me without internet and power but a week + so i’ve been trying to get to work on this theme and publish it as soon as possible, this is a BETA version and some icons/graphics can change without further notice, keep that in mind, there is currently an issue with the app drawer background is not supposed to be black but everytime i repackage the theme it stays with the same old BG and not the newer one i have with Snake’s face….anyway im also aware of the tabs that look simple but i will be working on that tomorrow (i will be away from home today). overall is “almost” finish.

let me know what do you think, i tested it on my fresh, rooted, Galaxy S 3 and it looks great aside from the errors i described of course, 2 more wallpapers and probably i will include here the codec and “!” ringtone to complete this theme.

here are 2 screenshots straight from my phone

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as always download from here  but please do not abuse my dropbox bandwidth.

comments?, like it? hate it? want me to change anything? just let me know.