this website was first created to share content within Howard Forums members of the Japanese Phones section, initially was only Flash-Lite content and one or another link to an app then it grew to become Flash-Lite Nation.

All the content here is free of charge, i create and design all the content here from the design on a piece of paper to the actual working SWF or APK, everything is done on my spare time. As rule i would like to ask you to DO NOT ask me for ETAs , i know this golden rule applies on sites like XDA but believe me when i say i have no time, aside from my main job i also have a life so please as a rule let’s remember to do not ask for ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival). I do take requests in case you are wondering but this is limited to 2 requests every 2 months, please be patient as there is only one person handling the website+content.

FLN (as i like to refer to my blog) does have a “pet” or “mascot” and currently i have sketches of “her” , her name is Cookie and you will see a little more of her in the future. even themes…haha.

Please feel free to contact me for anything you want, if you have questions regarding my designs or themes, as far as designs with copyrighted characters i claim not rights or ownership of those, all designs that have copyrighted characters or content have a reminder that all the rights belong to their respective owners/companies.

without anything else to say i would like to welcome you to my blog and i do hope you enjoy the small content i have to offer so far. not much but feel free to use it and don’t forget to give me credit if you decide to share it somewhere else.


FLN Admin


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