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Posted: March 28, 2013 in Blog
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Hey Guys!

it’s been a while since i posted something here, let me tell you why it has taken me a lot of time to update the blog and just before you say anything , no, i wasn’t on hiatus or anything like that.
First i just moved to a new place(going to 3 weeks already) and my girl and i were buying things we needed, we moved things around our apartment many times but in the end we are comfortable; another thing is im having an issue with PayPal, as you know i set up a small donate widget on the left side of my page for whoever wants to buy me a cup of coffee for the time i invest on getting this blog updated, i don’t like to ask and i never will that is why i always say if you want to donate go ahead if not then that’s not a problem just let me know if you liked my work , your feedback is always appreciated and it will be enough in case you don’t want to give a dollar to a stranger, PayPal is a great way to collect money online don’t get me wrong but their incompetence when it comes to customer service is what it has made me finally give up on them, i was supposed to receive a new debit card to replace my expiring one, i waited for nearly 4 MONTHS and my card never arrived so after contacting customer service like 6 times i was advised i should deactivate my existing debit card so i can get a new one, keep in mind this solution came from PayPal itself so i did it, well it turns out in the minute i deactivated my card for some reason my account got also locked out(restricted) to which they were (and still do) asking me a picture of my SSN, driver’s license, and proof of address; Not only i think  is not right but i also think is unethical to ask your customers to handle information just like that, sending pictures, after going back and forth with PayPal i had enough and decide to NOT answer back and NOT even bother to check my account. i got an offer for American Express Serve and although it lacks certain things PayPal have so far my experience with them is great, i had an issue one time where my account got locked and all they did was verify me through my secret question, their customer service is the best! so for now one i will  be using them to collect my donations in case any of you want to donate; PayPal just lost me as a customer.

Lack of Content
i also want to rectify the lack of content, my schedule changed so now i work every 2 Saturdays a month and on top of that  i have Wednesday late nights so the time for me to invest on my blog is reduced to Sundays or Holidays or Whenever i have time off. A lot have changed since i started FLN a couple of years ago and i won’t be able to deliver content in a weekly/biweekly basis as i used to do in the very beginning when my blog was hosted on Opera Blogs. instead of delivering many things at the same time i will be doing what i can on a monthly basis. i won’t be able to take requests sorry but my time won’t allow me to work on them, Also whatever is already here will be updated every 2 months like existing Go Launcher themes, some sections will be disappearing temporarily because my laptop can’t handle the software for certain things for example i can’t create boot animations on my laptop because After Effects will most likely paralyze and give a heart attack to my aged Dell Latitude 120L and doing complex boot animations by hand on Photoshop is certainly something i don’t want to do again (remember the arrows boot animation on my MyTouch 4G?). the old Infobar section will also disappear as most android devices are on 4.0+ version and newer phones can’t use a launcher that was meant for 2.3!! on top of that re sizing the launcher for screens like Galaxy Note or Droid DNA is a pain in the neck, like i promised in one of my previous posts i will be adding the last themes for whoever feels nostalgic and wants to use it but the support for this launcher is no more, also if you heard there is a  new infobar, the A02  but is SENSE based so it can be hard to support so for now no infobar.

Flash-Lite Wallpapers
this is another section that may disappear in the future, more and more Japanese phones are moving to Android leaving Symbian behind but this is something that may not happen soon as they are still releasing clam shell phones as “regular” phones and phones like the Aquos Xx are dubbed “smartphones” , for how long Japanese carriers will support Symbian and more importantly Flash-Lite is out of my league but in the event something happens i will make sure to let you guys know.

WP, IOS and Blackberry
very interesting question indeed, one of my followers sent me a private message about supporting these platforms , at the moment the very open nature of Android is what allows me to keep making stuff, these platforms although great they are closed and on top of that i don’t own any of the devices they support, so to answer your question sorry i won’t be supporting them anytime soon perhaps in the future if i can learn how to do something and see if i can reach an audience…maybe, but for now there is no support on my part for these platforms in any way.

To Conclude
to conclude i also want to ask for your patience, I am the only person handling everything from designing the theme to make the actual apk, i also do my own testing so i can’t do many things at the same time and certain times it can be time consuming to fix something so thanks for not asking for ETAs. to finalize this post im going to leave 2 wallpapers, take it as a teaser for the upcoming INGRESS theme, yes the game every Android user is talking about, feel free to use the wallpapers until the theme is released.

until the next update!

the Admin.



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