Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Blog
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Hello Guys

first of all i hope you enjoyed the holidays in company of your family and close friends, i sure did enjoy the company of my fiancee and family although we couldn’t see each other on Christmas day or New Year. anyway the blog is finally open again and there is one new addition to it, the long overdue GoLauncher EX thene celebrating the 25 years of Metal Gear Solid, i uploaded a Beta version last year and after that my laptop crashed (which most files were not recoverable) so i had to work from scratch with what i have. the theme have 6 wallpapers and custom graphics for you to enjoy. i can’t deny it looks awesome on my S3 and im currently using it as you can see below.

head over the GoLauncher themes section to download. Enjoy!!

Complimentary download
MGS Codec Ring: download here


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