Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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hello there

i know this was more than due and the very few people who got to try this theme loved it, I’m also aware that the 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear Solid series was a couple of months ago however that will not stop me (and the rest of you) to finally upload a BETA version of the theme soon. Metal Gear Solid is a well known videogame created by Mr. Hideo Kojima; Mr. Kojima’s talent not only gave the world the Metal Gear series but also classics as Snatcher and Policenauts are right at the top with the “legendary” games in the videogame industry.

This theme is also my own tribute to Mr. Kojima’s works which i’m a big fan and also to celebrate the 25 years of the series, a lot has changed in the MGS world to the point we can all agree of the sucess of the game, Mr. Kojima and his team talent a is clearly visible in every aspect of the game and thanks to his team at Kojima Productions we are able to enjoy these masterpieces. I would also like to refer to the artist Mr. Yoji Shinkawa, his unique artwork completes this theme with 3 wallpapers (Snake, Meryl and Sniper Wolf) , the reason why i chose those was because they are not only elegant but the style also matches perfectly the type of MGS UI im trying to achieve. Mr. Shinkawa im also a big fan of your artwork, so much i have the book “The Art of Metal Gear Solid: Yoji Shinkawa” from which i based most of the inspiration and also from very early works like Policenauts.

This theme will be free of charge, that’s right nada, nothing, zero  haha, is just the way i show my appreciation for the Series

without anything else to add i will leave you with 3 screenshots of the theme the base resolution is 480*800 , i tested the theme on a 540*960 display and it shows properly so it should work even on devices like a GSIII.


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