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Posted: October 10, 2012 in Blog
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Hey Guys

i know it’s been a while but i haven’t forget about my blog, a lot happened and unfortunately during that time i lost my cellphone, RIP HTC Glacier , the bad EMMC finally gave up haha so i have no phone and nothing to test.

I’ve been using an annoying LG Crystal and i can say im really frustrated , i have things that are half done and buying a new cellphone is not an option either given the facts a brand new one goes for over $400+ , what other options i have? Craigslist? no , eBay? possibly but not sure, why? to begin with let me tell you the HTC Glacier is a legendary device for me, i managed to do every single thing i wanted on that phone and because of that it will forever stay on the list of “legendary” devices i had, nothing gave me that ease of use like the Glacier did, i modified every single bit/part of that phone that i was so happy with it….after a couple of years the phone finally died on me and i can’t complaint; All this time i had the bad EMMC which i knew and the phone always worked , it never failed me , the phone stood use and abuse on my end and  i can’t blame the device for finally giving up….

i had in consideration and HTC Amaze 4G but that phone  is so painful to use and not only that THE DAMN BATTERY WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! , the phone will shut off for every single thing that and HTC nonSENSE is not my favorite Android skin (followed closely by TouchWiz and LG UI). So im saving to get me the right device, that one that can fill the empty space my glacier left, don’t get me wrong the Amaze is good spec wise ….software wise…..is as death as Hitler and the developer community is small which i would like to congratulate as one thing i did not see on the XDA Amaze comunity was drama, developers like EclipzeRemix are good people and always are there to help, i could only hope there was an AOSP solution for the Amaze otherwise i would get it.

I was thinking a Galaxy Nexus, i really don’t need the latest thing out there and im not an iPhone die hard fan either (honertly i don’t like the phone but i will reserve this comment for a future post), any of you guys would like to sell your Galaxy Nexus? im on the NJ Jersey City area so i would like to do deals locally.

in any case please don’t be afraid i haven’t forgot my blog!! , as a side question what is the resolution of your device? you see before i covered 480*854 because that was the resolution my Glacier had but now devices are getting bigger screens and i would like to know what are you using, this will help me keep a range of screen resolutions and content could be available for different size as well…

i hope this post will help you understand i haven’t forget, im just trying to get me something so i can get back to work.




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