Arrows Boot Animation

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Blog
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Hey guys
i bring you a small update, i haven’t been able to get the blog to move forward with the content as i’ve been doing a lot of work related with my office but do not despair i will be updating the blog this weekend finally. i created a mascot for my blog which honestly i think it was more than due so i will be uploading the sketches so you can see it, nothing fancy though haha.

second i been doing some boot animation as that is one of the new sections here, i have 2 so far with 3 more which are oldies but regardless they will be here on Sunday. I will be updated the blog on Sunday and i meant this sunday not like my last tweet that said something else(i forgot to add the date, come on i make mistakes too!!)

Have you ever heard of the Arrows Phone series? is a brand by Fujitsu and they are the hottest phones out there in our beloved land of the rising sun. i had the chance to get my hands on a fully working Arrows by KDDI (don’t ask where) and i have to say it beats the crap out of  an iPhone, my Glacier, a Samsung GS II and III. that phone was so cool it was no joke you could compare it with pretty much everything and still be able to decide for the Arrows(Model Arrows Z)

so heading in that direction i decided to come up with an Arrows boot animation and here it is.

let me know what do you think.




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