Hey guys

Sorry for the lack of updates, no job excuse this time but something better i finished a bunch of go launcher themes, 2 boot animations and a set of graphics that are going to be included on the September update, why September? well because im taking the blog down for reorganization in the meantime you can contact me on twitter @flaslitenation.

Another upgrade is that im going to be moving from Skydrive, i mainly use Skydrive for my personal storage now so i applied for Goo.IM account, i really hope i get approved soon so i can begin with the upload process. Another thing is now some of this content will be available directly to you Android device if you scan the QR code, that was a big limitation from SkyDrive i had to put the link from the main folder in order for you guys to navigate to the proper content. If my application is denied on Goo.IM im going to have to rely on Dropbox and get a paid account to which unfortunately i will have to ask for donations to pay for this.


The blog stays on WordPress is only the content and mainly certain things that will be removed and access to old content like iida infobar launcher or themes will be removed as not many devices run 2.3 anymore.


if you have a question feel free to contact me the blog will be up until August 5 to which after that i will proceed to take it down for updates and maintenance for the September update.


thanks for the continued support, i do not ask for million followers or anything like that all i do here is to share my minimal knowledge and allow you to get media content for your phone. thanks again for your continued support!.

until the next update

The Admin.